Do These 3 Social Media Strategies to Grow Your Business


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Thanks to social media allow us to connect and engage potential customers wherever they are. LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and even new platforms like TikTok. Behind all the interesting content to engage audiences, there is a strong social media strategy for businesses to thrive.

Social media will continue to be an important strategy every year. Companies must continue to find ways to get closer to potential customers.

Here are 3 social media marketing strategies that can be done easily:

Create Quality Content

The social media marketing strategy is to create quality content. Your business will be considered highly credible if it provides quality content. Content that invites your potential customers to improve their own skills. Don’t be afraid to provide additional value to potential customers just because you’re afraid that they can do it themselves without your help.

Understand the Features of the Social Media Platform Used

Each social media platform has its own goals and interests in serving its users. Twitter, for example, aims to engage people in conversation through tweets. If Twitter is currently the platform you use for social media marketing, then create content that can provoke your audience to have a conversation with your business.

Another example is TikTok, which aims to be a platform that makes it easy for audiences to view products through interesting content and do shopping in one place. If TikTok is the focus of your business then utilize the features that have been provided.

If your business utilizes the features provided by the social media platform, you are helping the platform to pursue what they want to achieve. So your business will also be helped by the platform to grow.

User Generated Content

Engage with people who already like your product. Ask them to create testimonials about your products and business. If you are a new business that doesn’t have customers yet, you can give a PR package or free product to some people so they can try it first.

If they like your product or service, they will be happy to give testimonials about you.

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