Take a Look into How Hello Scowp and 59 LEMON Influencers Introduce Their Product Strategy

hello scowp influencer awareness strategy
Come to the industry as a dessert menu, Hello Scowp ran a campaign with LEMON influencers to introduce the product and theirs new cafe

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Get to know the Brand

Hello Scowp is a new brand that just open their cafe in East Jakarta this April 2022. They serve handmade ice cream, milkshakes, and coffee made from fresh ingredients.

Campaign Objective

To support Hello Scowp’s success in introducing itself and its products to the public, 59 LEMON Influencers participated in this campaign on TikTok.

Not only limited to dine-in, but Hello Scowp also serves delivery services using online taxi bikes so LEMON Influencers can highlight this in their content. After receiving the products from Hello Scowp, they started to share their reviews about Hello Scowp menu.

Content Result

Campaign Results

Cost Per ViewsCost Per ReachCost Per Engagement
Rp 130Rp 260IDR 1,044


  • In this campaign, Hello Scowp gives influencers the freedom to create content that is still within the guideline of what important points need to be highlighted so that the message is still well conveyed.
  • The influencer’s content was also shared 509 times, giving Hello Scowp’s reach wider to audiences beyond the influencer’s followers.
  • Hello Scowp needs more exposure because the brand is relatively new, and consistent promotion with KOLs can increase and maintain existence.

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