Nano Influencers: Definition, and How to Find Them

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Not just talking about a more affordable budget, nano influencers are the most influential collective for influencer marketing campaigns.

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Nano influencer are known to have competitive prices over other categories. 

Influencer marketing is a way of expanding your brand presence on social media through endorsements or bartering products. But while influencer marketing knows as the strategy that brings ROI increment to your brand, the costs can get quite high. Especially when it comes to macro, mega, and celebrity level influencers.

The Nano Influencer Definition

Technically, nano influencers are individual who has a number of followers range start from 1,000 to 10,000.

Nano influencers ano influencers are individual who has a number of followers range start from 1,000 to 10,000. Nano influencers are individuals who tend to have high engagament even though they don’t have many followers. The content they shares are known by their small community, and usually share their experience in using a product which likable by the audience to consume. 

Having a small audience makes nano influencers easier to have a two-way interaction. As a result, the messages conveyed will be received by their followers more easily. 

Nano influencers are one who gives an authentic impression of the product or service being promoted. 

For business owners who are just starting out, but have a small budget or a specific segment, nano influencers will be the right choice for you! 

In addition to the content provided already having a selling point, the price offered by nano influencers is more competitive. In fact, they usually also accept barter value with products or services that they like. So they provide good potential for small businesses or businesses with a certain segmentation.

Different Types of Nano Influencers

2 types of nano influencers are native and non-native

There are 2 types nano influencers:

  1. Native nano influencer

Native nano influencers are those who started their career as an influencer from scratch. 

However, they continue to create quality content so that they can build their own community.

  1. Non-native nano influencer

Non-native nano influencers are individuals who have the privilege of existing fame. 

Usually, this is the type that brands  target the most.

Benefits of Brand Working with Nano Influencers

the advantages of using nano influencers
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Not just data insights, but nano influencers do have a high level of engagement with the audience. As mentioned earlier, the small number of followers makes it easier for nano kol to interact with its followers.

  • Nano influencers are friends

As a friend, you will probably be trusted by your network . So are nano influencers. They are relatable and relevant because they have a real connection as a friend. 

  • Nano influencer want to be a part of your growth and development

Another advantage of working with nano influencers is that they are like fans who are ready to be a part of your growth. By recruiting fans, you have the opportunity to get content that authentically portrays how they like you.

How to Find Nano Influencers

The way you find nano influencers is different, but the basic steps are the same.

The easier way to find nano influencers is with LEMON. You can recruit hundreds of nano influencers to promote your products. LEMON has 40,000++ nano influencers registered and ready to help your campaign

You just have to create customized campaigns with your brilliant idea.

So, whether you choose to work with well-known influencers or up-and-coming nano influencers, you are guaranteed to still get great results and much better outcomes than other traditional methods.

As those trusted for recommendations within their community, nano influencers are a great way for even small businesses to connect with ordinary people and promote products on various social media channels.

Influencers of all sizes continue to be an important part of many brands and if you haven’t already, you should consider doing so immediately for the growth of your business and brand.

how to find nano influencers is with LEMON Influencer Platform

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