Micro Influencers: Collaboration with Everyday People

There is a spark happening in influencer marketing keywords these days. But micro influencers are the type or category that steal the show

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Micro influencer is a term that is often heard, but some people don’t understand what it means. In this article, LEMON would like to introduce you to what a micro influencer is.

What is a Micro Influencer?

What is a micro influencer?

Micro influencers are ordinary people that have more followers than normal people, but fewer than celebrities. It is called micro kol which means it has 10,000 – 100,000 followers.

Many people have an understanding that micro influencers promote products based on expertise and interest. According to LEMON, micro-influencers are those who are not experts in their field but have a very high interest in a particular topic.

Benefits of Brands Working with Micro Influencers

The advantages of working with micro influencers are:


If reach is your main focus in creating a campaign, micro influencers may not be the ones who crossed your mind. However, when interaction is one of your goals, micro influencer is a perfect choice who will earn those advantages. Namely, likes, comments, and shares.

Micro kol may have more frequent and genuine interactions with the audience, as most are friends or acquaintances. Or maybe they all have the same interests.

Engagement can also be used as a measurement tool ROI of influencer marketing.

calculating the ROI of micro influencers is by engagement

Deliver Better Results

In fact, with a better amount of engagement comes better results. By your audience interacting with the content they upload, it shows that they are interested in you.


Nowadays, consumers want recommendations, not product placements or paid endorsement.

As mentioned above, followers of micro influencers are friends, relatives or family. Even long before venturing into the world of contemporaries, they had already started recommending things to each other.

Just like you, and your friends.

Competitive Rate Card

When it comes to competitive cost, nano and micro influencers are the winners. As a business owner and marketer, LEMON is sure you have a cost calculation that must be allocated to various things.

Let’s say quarterly budget is enough to use 1 or 2 mega influencers in 1 post. However, the total cost can also be used for 10-100 micro influencers.

So, spread your net further, and get a wider reach with better engagement across different audiences.

micro influencers are the most wanted influencer tier and are considered the most optimal

How to Find Micro Influencers?

If you are interested in finding micro influencers for promotion, you have 2 options:

  1. Set aside a few hours in some days for social media scrolling. Search for hashtags that align with your brand niche.


  1. An easier way to find micro influencers is with LEMON. You can recruit hundreds of nano influencers to promote your products. LEMON has 40,000++ micro influencers registered and ready to help your campaign .

You just have to create customized campaigns with your brilliant idea.

So, whether you choose to work with a well-known influencer or an up-and-coming micro influencer, you are guaranteed to still get great results and much better outcomes than other traditional methods.

As those trusted for recommendations within their community, micro influencers are a great way for even small businesses to connect with ordinary people and promote products on various social media channels.

Influencers of all sizes continue to be an important part of many brands and if you haven’t already, you should consider doing so immediately for the growth of your business and brand.

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