Social Influencers: Mega, Macro, Micro and Nano

Learn the definition of influencers before collaborating to promote your products optimally.

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As individuals who are trusted to help brand growth through marketing, influencers have become the most role models for their followers.

Here are several levels of influencers from mega, macro, micro, and nano influencers, who are trusted to be able to help your brand.

Mega Influencers

The influencer you’ve heard the name of the most. Mega influencers are influencers who have more than 1 million followers. These influencers are included in the celebrity category, can be local or international scale.

Because of this, they have high rates. There is no need to doubt the quality of the content they created, as well as the professionalism in work.

With the high number of followers, mega influencers are the main target of brands to join in campaig to achieve brand awareness with influencer marketing.

The popularity that mega influencers are holding is on various platforms. Not only Instagram but other social media. Therefore, mega influencers are the category that has the most potential to reach a massive audience quickly.

The explanation above may sound very tempting, but mega influencers also have their drawbacks.

Most of them don’t have an important relationship with followers. If compared to other social media influencers who have closer relationships. That’s why these mega influencers are less trustworthy when partnering with you.

Benefits of Working with Mega Influencers

  • Delivering Impact Awarenessmega influencers are the influencers that have the most potential to bring you directly to a broad audience
  • Professionalism – high experience has made the quality of mega influencers undoubtedly.
  • Exclusivity – Doing endorsements to the right mega influencers gives you more value for credibility and exclusivity.

Pay Attention to This Before Working With Mega Influencers

  • Availability – your competitors or perhaps business players in other industries may be running the same program as you. So finding time to work with them is not easy. Make this a factor in planning your influencer marketing strategy
  • Influencer Rate Card – one content generated has various rates, depending on the sow influencer which is given. However, with the various benefits that you will get when you work with them, the budget that must be spent is very high.
  • Risk – Due to the wide reach, if a mega influencer makes the slightest mistake, it can affect your reputation
  • Relevance – Sponsored content may not be very authentic. The audience knows this.

Who are Mega Influencers in Indonesia

Indonesia also has a number of mega influencers who have high credibility. One of the mega influencers in Indonesia is Karin Novilda

Macro Influencers

macro influencers are
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Macro Influencers are influencers who have fewer followers than mega, which is between 100,000 – 1,000,000.

This type of influencer is known as the best of the best. Because it has a high number of followers, but also has a close relationship with the audience.

The way macro influencers build this community is to start from 0. Therefore, They know their target audience inside and out. They have spent years understanding what they like and what they don’t. And because of that, a macro influencer‘s priority is maintaining strong relationships with their followers. They will not jeopardize that trust over sponsored posts that are inappropriate and irrelevant to their audience.

Something you should pay attention to is that while they are more affordable than mega influencers, many macro influencers also have agents ready to land a good deal.

Benefits of Working with Macro Influencers

Influencer marketing is taking advantage of the audience from influencers, one of which is macro-influencers
  • Relevance – macro influencers are influencers who have a specific niche. So have a highly targeted audience that will respond well to your collaboration, if it’s relevant.
  • Reach – some macro influencers have a large reach and good engagement rate, which is ideal for those of you who have brand awareness and conversions as campaign goals.
  • Professionalism – a macro influencer is one of those influencers who are used to working with brands and creating high-quality content that resonates with their audience.

These Things to Pay Attention to Before Collaborating with Macro Influencers

  • Engagementmacro influencers are influencers who have high engagement. However, not all have this. You should do more research to find out which macro influencers really have good engagement.
  • Costs – many macro influencers on social media are currently signing contracts with influencer agencies, and as a result can demand high fees.

Who are Macro Influencers in Indonesia

Indonesia also has a number of macro influencers who have high credibility. One of the macro influencers in Indonesia is Sara Robert

Micro Influencers


This type of micro influencer is the most common on Instagram today. Have between 10,000 to 100,000 followers.

What separates micro influencers from larger, micro influencers is the smaller reach. However, micro influencers are more specialized than others because they are more trusted by their highly loyal, highly engaged and relevant audience.

With such an engaged audience, micro-influencers are more likely to generate quality leads and conversions than macro-mega , whose audience is less specific.

Benefits of Working with Micro Influencers

micro influencers are
Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash
  • Credibility – many of the micro influencers are specialists in a particular niche , so any content they share related to that is considered more credible
  • Cost – Less investment is required to work with micro influencers, which makes these kinds of partnerships more accessible to you
  • Engagementmicro influencers are influencers that have a better engagement rate than macro-mega , because the audience can easily relate not only to the content but also to the influencers themselves
  • Conversions – micro influencers are more likely to convert warm leads into customers and subscribers thanks to the strong level of trust between them and their audience
  • Availability – due to the lower cost of working with individual micro influencers, you have the option of working with multiple influencers simultaneously. At LEMON you can hire 100 micro influencers in one campaign.

These Things to Pay Attention to Before Collaborating with Micro Influencers

  • Timing – depending on the campaign , you may want to work with multiple micro influencers for maximum results. And it will take more time – not only to find and communicate with influencers but to work through various summaries and review cycles, etc.

That’s why LEMON provides a platform where you can directly choose micro influencers without having to contact them one by one.

  • Qualities – some micro influencers are those who have other jobs. Such as business owners, office workers, students, and others. They juggle busy schedules and this can (potentially) compromise the quality of the content. However, you can agree to a quality check/revision in the contract to avoid this problem

The LEMON platform also has a draft checking feature, so you can control the quality of content created by micro influencers before being uploaded to social media.

  • Reach – micro influencers are influencers who have a more limited reach. Because they have a smaller audience. If brand awareness is your goal, it makes more sense to work with macrosmega influencers.
  • Creativity – The way to work with micro influencers is to give them the freedom to work. Unlike some mega influencer brand collaborations which can be easier to implement, micro influencers don’t want strict guidelines about what to post. The best thing to do is provide a campaign objective, and allow micro influencers to create content they know will resonate best with their audience.

Who are the Micro Influencers in Indonesia

Indonesia's most-wanted-micro-influencers

Indonesia also has a number of micro influencers who have high credibility. One of the micro influencers in Indonesia is Cecilia Wijayanti.

Nano Influencer

nano Influencers are
Photo by floredsamantha’s Instagram

Nano Influencer is the new kid in social media influencer with less than 10,000 followers.

Nano influencers are individuals with influence within their local community. A nano influencer is a friend or family member who has a knack for Instagram, creating quality content that consistently achieves good engagement.

And the great thing about nano-influencers is that while, yes, their reach is low, their influence among a small but close-knit community of people has great potential. They will know most, if not all, of their followers, and that level of intimacy can be a huge benefit to you or the right campaign .

Nano Influencer is a category of celebgram with the number of followers no less than 1000 users . The newest type of Influencer in starting his career. Well, these Nano Influencers are usually invited to work together to get brand recognition . As the reason Nano Influencer is the latest level of a celebgram, then becoming an Influencer that is the easiest to work with because Nano wants to be part of the development of his favorite brand .

Benefits of Working with Nano Influencers

nano influencer is
Photo by Vincent Timothy on Unsplash
  • Engagement – nano influencers are individuals who tend to have the highest engagement of all other social media influencers
  • Cost – thanks to the lower costs of working with nano influencers , this kind of partnership can work very well for start-ups or businesses with a small marketing budget
  • Credibility – many nano influencers know their followers closely, so you can guarantee that your product (if relevant) will be well received
  • Conversions – as noted above, many people trust – and follow up on – recommendations from friends and family than from celebrities or big Instagrammers. This means greater conversion possibilities with nano-influencers than with macro-mega-influencers.
  • Location – if you have a physical location or promote a local event, nano influencers are a great partnership to build buzz and generate positive word of mouth among the local community

These Things to Pay Attention to Before Collaborating with Nano Influencers

  • Reach – if brand awareness is one of your campaign goals, it’s important to consider options other than nano influencers (which have limited reach)
  • Experience – nano influencers are inexperienced celebs like the bigger ones when it comes to working with you. Some may not realize how or why to use branded hashtags, for example. For you, this means a little more hand holding may be needed to ensure a great outcome for both parties
  • Quality – similar to the point above, nano influencers may not have created content before. Therefore, communicate your campaign goals and brand values to nano influencers.

Who are the Micro Influencers in Indonesia

Indonesia also has a number of micro influencers who have high credibility. One of the micro influencers in Indonesia is Rifkanya.

How to Choose the Right Influencers For Your Campaign Next: A quick guide

how to choose the right influencer
  • Mega influencers are the right influencers if the goal of your influencer marketing campaign is to increase your visibility and increase awareness about your product (and there are no budget restrictions), choose mega influencers.
  • Macro- influencers are the right influencers if the goal is to target a specific audience but still reach the masses, choose macro-influencers. Keep an eye on ROI , as some macro influencers have better engagement rates than others.
  • Micro influencers are the right influencers if the goal is to increase conversions, leads and subscriptions among a specific audience.
  • Nano influencers are the right influencers if you have a small marketing budget


LEMON influencers

As you can see, there are a few things to consider before working with a social media influencer – and this starts with understanding the different types you can work with, and how to reach them.

To get the most out of an influencer partnership, be sure to thoroughly understand the purpose of your campaign , create a list of potential social media influencers, and then research the types of collaborations they’ve had in the past. Good luck!

The easier way to find influencers is with LEMON.

You just have to consult your brilliant idea with us.

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