Rebranding to Sales: Surprising Results of Everpure Yellow Cart Campaign

Learn how Everpure invested in rebranding and leveraged influencer content to drive sales.

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Part of the project that I like is when KOL showed the best reviews with their styles and my sale increased compared to before promoting on LEMON.

Roro Setiagusati – Influencer Management Supervisor

Get to Know the Brand

Everpure is a beauty brand from Indonesia that uses 100% natural ingredients to create products that are safe for both skin and the environment.

Campaign Objective

In this campaign, Everpure aimed to rebrand itself from a beauty brand that focuses solely on face oil to a brand that also releases an Acne Series.

Using the yellow basket on the TikTok platform, Everpure and 200 LEMON influencers promoted one of its Acne Series products by highlighting the brand message “Si Kecil Paling Nyata” (The Little One is the Most Real).

This was done because Everpure’s small-sized product has a great effect on treating acne-prone skin.

After the influencer content was distributed on TikTok, Everpure helped boost the organic content with the goal of optimizing the embedded yellow basket.

This resulted in a significant increase in sales and brand awareness for Everpure’s rebranding.

Content Result


Stitch @heyitsangelia Emang bener2 si KECIL si PALING NYATA 👌🏻 @everpure_id #everpure #PASTINYATA

♬ suara asli – delladiamanta – delladiamanta

#stitch with @IG:heyitsangelia |Ogheeyletsgo Emang ada yang ampuh atasin jerawat dlm 1 hari ??? Ada donk dan aq udah buktiin, hasilnya nyata bgt, jerawat aq yg tadi nya merah mateng bengkak sakit, besok nya udah kempes 😭😭 huhu terharu akhirnya aq nemuin yg slama ini aq cari Everpure sul-pure acne spot drying lotion @everpure_id #everpure #PASTINYATA

♬ SWIPE – ㅤ

Campaign Results

Total ViewsHighest Sales
1.3 millionconfidential data


The learning gained in this Everpure case study is that rebranding can have a positive impact both on brand image and with the right support by encouraging content distribution to reach a wider audience ultimately driving sales.

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