Essentia: Highlight Brand Background with 45 Influencers

Known for its massage products and essential oils, Essentia wants to introduce other body and facial care products to audiences. Take a look at the strategy here.

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Get to Know the Brand

Essentia is a local skincare brand that uses a combination of spices and science to create effective skincare that is safe for the skin.

Campaign Objective

Massage products and essential oils are Essentia’s most recognized products. Due to the un-heard of product that Essentia has, 45 LEMON influencers helped Essentia to introduce their face and body care products to the public.

Content Result

Campaign Results

Cost per ReachCost per EngagementCost per Miles
Rp 297IDR 430IDR 297,000
Instagram Feed Only


  • In this campaign, Essentia asked influencers to emphasize the background of their brand. Audiences were also informed about the unique selling points that strongly and clearly articulated Essentia’s vision and mission in providing benefits to potential customers. This allows Essentia to stand out from the competition.
  • The influencer’s content was also shared 1,846 times, extending Essentia’s reach to audiences beyond the followers of the collaborating influencer.
  • Essentia needs more promotional exposure with KOLs consistently to increase and maintain its presence.

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