Beng-Beng: Engagement Increases with Soft Selling Content on TikTok

Increase awareness with soft selling content, average watch rate 36.64% and 240% higher than TikTok benchmark 2022

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Campaign with LEMON Influencers increased our product awareness

Shindy – KOL Staff

Get to Know the Brand

Produced by PT Mayora Indah Tbk, Beng-Beng is a snack brand consisting of wafers, caramel, crispy, and chocolate.

Campaign Objective

Launching a new Almond-flavored variant called Beng-Beng Nuts, the brand plans to attract customers by strengthening its awareness first. 8 LEMON macro and micro-influencers helped Beng-Beng with the TikTok campaign.

There are 2 ways that LEMON influencers create content in this campaign, hard selling in the first week, and soft selling in the last week. And it turns out that the engagement generated by the content in the final week is greater.

It’s no secret that a hard sell approach is not optimal on social media, especially when working with influencers. Consumers are more influenced by content that seems to guide or share a thought about a product or service.

Content Result

@sepertiteman As a lover of chocolate and almonds, I honestly really like this new variant of beng beng nuts🥰 which one do you prefer? #EatingBengBengNuts #TimBengBengNuts #BBNVSBBB ♬ mario sound – mandycap

Campaign Results

Cost per ViewsCost per Engagement
IDR 21IDR 654


  • In this campaign, Beng-Beng gives influencers the freedom to create content but still within the boundaries of what important points need to be highlighted so that the message is still well conveyed.
  • Content that relates to daily routines looks natural and less rigid. The average video watch rate is up to 36.64% of total followers which is 240% higher than the TikTok 2022 benchmark.
  • The use of voice-over and text helps the audience to enjoy the content even when the volume is low or muted

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