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Save your time to easily manage hundreds of micro influencers. Find the right influencers based on the data so you can focus on other marketing activities.

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Save your time
Managing hundreds of influencers

No matter how many influencers you need, LEMON Platform is ready to help so you save time in finding and analyzing which influencers are right for you.Build closer relationships beyond influencers with clients and produce original content to win the hearts of audiences. ​

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In four easy steps


Create Your Campaign

Write product descriptions, photo references, and other things that can make your campaign even cooler. The more detailed your campaign is, the smoother the project will go.


Select Your Influencers

Once your campaign starts, LEMON influencers will sign up for your campaign. You can choose which influencers match your brand image. You can evaluate their follower count, engagement rate, and other metrics, and choose the most suitable influencer.


Monitor Your Campaign

After received the product, the LEMON influencer will start the task you have described on their social media. You can check and see their updates.

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Check Your Report Easily

We will collect and summarize your entire report. You can view the details and download your report to Excel format easily. Amaze your boss (or your client)!​

These Brands Believe on us

Lemon Influencer Platform helps Rubiena Beauty expand its fame as a healthy beauty product through influencers.

Stephanie Vhei
Stephanie V.

Marketing Rubiena Beauty

Compared to the previous KOL agency to be honest, C Channel is better for the service. With the dashboard, it's easier to review KOL content.

Aryo Wibisono

Business Manager PT Sari Burger

Overall campaign management was good, we have seen significant impact on followers growth.

Irene F.

Digital Marketing Kao Indonesia

Success Stories


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Focallure ran an influencer marketing campaign with 1,237 influencers and didn't waste days contacting them individually. Focallure can found influencers based on their needs

Rp 113
Rp 142


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UNIQLO manages 543 influencers to run campaigns on 2 social media Instagram and TikTok without having to bother collecting data and content files that are scattered everywhere. Save time and energy with LEMON.

Rp 331

CPV TikTok
Rp 101

CPR Instagram

Case Studies

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Frequently Ask Questions

Micro influencers are influencers with a number of followers ranging from 10K-50K. This type of influencer is a good type of everyday people influencer to increase User Generated Content. Through the help of a large number of micro-influencers, you can lift your product’s presence in social media.

Micro influencer Indonesia adalah influencers yang berlokasi di Indonesia. Lokasi ini sangat berpengaruh terhadap brand yang ingin membuat brand mereka eksis ataupun baru mau membuka pasar di Indonesia. Saat ini LEMON Platform memiliki 43.000 influencers Indonesia yang bisa dikurasi dalam data. Saat ini LEMON Platform sudah memiliki client dari berbagai negara seperti US, China, Korea maupun Thailand.

Paket Gifting influencer ini adalah jenis paket influencer dalam jumlah banyak (minimal 100) dengan harga FLAT yang bisa digunakan oleh Anda, sehingga Anda bisa menghemat waktu Anda untuk menyeleksi dan menghubungi influencer satu-persatu dan biarkan influencer yang mendaftar ke campaign Anda.

Brand Launching

Kami mengombinasikan penggunakan micro influencers dengan mega influencers guna membuat brand Anda semakin dikenal.

UGC Content

Kami menyediakan influencer dalam jumlah ratusan dengan harga FLAT dengan tiga tier antara lain Self Service, Support dan Full Support.  Anda bisa memilih Scope of Work yang sudah ditentukan dengan harga minimal Rp10juta per campaign (durasi 1 bulan).

E-commerce Review

Kami menyediakan jasa untuk influencer review produk di e-commerce tempat produk Anda tersedia. Servis ini bertujuan untuk meningkatkan kepercayaan konsumen untuk membeli produk Anda.

Untuk informasi servis lainnya sesuai dengan kebutuhan Anda, Anda bisa menghubungi Client Specialist kami dengan isi form di sini 


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