We help Brands work more efficient by connecting them to Influencers.

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About Us

At LEMON, we build a data-driven Influencer platform that allows Brands to work, collaborate and select the right Influencers without the need to spend a lot of time briefing Influencers one by one.

We have mission to create Influencers
more accessible and useful for Brands.

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Why did we build LEMON?

LEMON is an Influencer platform built by PT C CHANNEL Media Indonesia.

We understand how the rise of Influencers and social media as a marketing channel today, we aim to create a platform for businesses of any size, to connect them with influencers to manage important aspects of awareness level in marketing.

We believe that this platform can make it easy for clients and is the perfect solution to their problems of their marketing.

raisins-about us

Marketer of 700 Brands
have cooperated with us





The team behind LEMON

Yamato Sasagawa

Founder and CEO

Imam Susanto

Chief Technology Officer

Joshua Omimaru

VP of Business

Viola Maulinia

Head of KOL & Community

Our Office, Where Everything Begins

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