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And We Only Charge From IDR 10 Million

We cover a various platform just for you

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We put our money where our mouth is.

We have so much confidence in our influencer/KOL platform that we begin to offer our pricing based on a campaign basis (instead of charging based on number of KOL)!

Our success relies on your success, and we certainly don’t plan on working for free!

We allow you to focus on what you do best… creating marketing campaign for your brand!

Let us manage your influencers with our automated platform and you’ll be doing campaign every month, every week, or as often as you would like!

Due To The Nature Of This Pricing, It Is Extremely Limited And We Are Very Picky in Choosing Our Client!

Keuntungan bekerjasama dengan micro influencer adalah

What Makes LEMON Unique

We Specialize in Women Products Since 2013

We Get Paid Based on Number of Campaign You Run (Not Number of Influencers You Want!)

We Use a Specific Technology that Works Really Well

Automated System Sends You 100s of KOL in a Timely Manner

No Need to Manage Hundreds of Micro Nano KOL You Work With!

LEMON Works With High Quality Micro & Nano KOL

Yosua Omimaru



After years of trying to help brands scale influencers activities with traditional management setting techniques… I quickly realized that there had to be a better way.

And after spending a lot of time and effort on R&D, I finally cracked the code. Now we ONLY use platform to manage influencer/KOL campaign.

No more sending out 100s of emails asking influencer’s fee and collecting 100s of report on their contents…

Instead, we let them come to us!

And the campaigns are much more fun and much easier because of it. Let my team and my technology helps you do your influencer management!

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Our Happy Clients

These Brands Believe on us

Working with the LEMON team was such a pleasure! Everything was planned very neatly and all plans were run according to the timeline. The team was also very responsive and handled errors very quickly. No bad feedback!

Kayla Narendra

Owner of ZUZU

Everything else was so perfect, and that's why I could say I don't regret working with Lemon agency.

Alex Shin

Comma Entertainment

Selalu bisa mengarahkan dan memberikan paket sesuai budget yang kita miliki. Selalu lancar dan tidak ada hambatan yang berarti.

Vita Agustina

Head of Digital Marketing & Promotion at Inez Cosmetics

If you are looking for a "Can You Provide A List of KOLs" Influencer Marketing Agency, that is not us.

But if you are looking to:

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