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Dispel doubts from customers about your product with product reviews from 100 influencers.

Why Are Product Reviews Important?

Build Trust

The first thing that customers look for when they find your product is looking for reviews.

Adding Insight

Your product will be reviewed by LEMON Influencers honestly. This can be an input for the brand whether the product is in accordance with the target market or not.

Increase Conversions

If your product has met customer expectations, product reviews can take your product to the next stage, which is conversion.

In Just 4 Easy Steps


Create your campaign

Complete your product description, reference photos, and other details to create an attractive campaign.

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Choose an influencer

Compare followers, engagement, and other data from influencers who signed up for your campaign, then choose the one you like the most.


Monitor your campaign

Sit back and watch your campaign run and let your influencers act.


Check the report casually

It's time to check your campaign results report. View details or download to Excel format easily.

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