We can give you a commission from the connections you provide to LEMON

Get a commission worth IDR 500 thousand / Referral*

*(If the connection you provide can deal with LEMON)

Refer your friend and get benefits

What is LEMON Referral?

LEMON Referral is a program from LEMON to provide additional commissions for influencers who successfully provide referrals in the form of acquaintances who work in beauty brands.

Why should you join?

As an influencer, he is known to have extensive networking with many professional beauty brands. We want to take advantage of the network of influencers under LEMON to provide references for us. What’s the good thing about it? Not only commissions, but you can also see your favorite brands are now joining LEMON so you can join the campaign easily.


Get a commission in the form of cash of IDR 500 thousand from every referral who closes a deal with LEMON.

Get LEMON Gifting from brands that successfully deal with LEMON. You will definitely be selected in a campaign that involves the brand.

It’s time to redevelop your network with the team from the brand that you have referred.

Registration Form

Please fill in the information about you and your reference

Frequently Asked Questions

All you have to do is fill in your details in the registration form. Then, the LEMON internal party and your reference will discuss further

After you give a reference to your friend who works in a beauty brand, it will take the LEMON team 1-3 months to close the deal. Then our team will contact you to provide a commission.

1-3 months, depending on how long each team’s discussion takes.

The criteria we are looking for: work in Beauty Brand, F&B (Food&Beverages), or FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) company. The desired position is a position related to the Marketing department or the decision maker of the company

You can give as many referrals as you want. However, we only give commissions from which referrals can make us close the sale.

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