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Lemon is here to help you build and grow your career as an Influencer. We bring well-known and trustable brands to you so you don’t have to worry looking for projects. Do what you love, and start your journey with Lemon!

What is Lemon?

Lemon is a community platform designed to help marketers and companies quickly identify influencer talents like you! Using sophisticated search and filter algorithm in our database, brands can directly offer exciting campaigns to you.

Lemon is backed by the biggest female video-based media in Indonesia, and 7 years of experience in influencer marketing campaigns spanning countless industries.

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How It Works

Register and Join a Campaign

Finding your first campaign is very easy! Login with your social media account into Lemon app and find active campaigns currently available for you.

Sometimes brands will personally look for influencers through us and will send campaign invitations to your inbox.

Read Brief and Guides

Study the brief and guide provided by the brand for their campaign. Brands will provide moodboards and references for you to follow. To make it even easier to understand what they want, brands will provide the Do’s and Donts’ for you!

Complete Tasks and Send Report

Review the product, create interesting content, and then post it to social media. Don’t forget to report your task and sit easy for feedback.

Sometimes tasks involve interesting activity like community gathering, joining a makeup course, or even doing yoga practice!

These are Influencers who have Grown with Us

Dara Arafah

Followers: >1m

Devina Wijaya

Followers: >10K

Hanna H Himawan

Followers: >13K

Vania Kwan

Followers: >22K

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