Frequently Asked Questions


YES! You may include several products in 1 campaign as long as they are in the same brand and the same Scope of Work (SOW), such as 1 Instagram Stories and 1 Instagram Photo Feed

The answer is no. However, based on previous projects, our post rate is 90% above. It would be better if you prepare an additional 10% extra product for the replacement influencer.

No. Since LEMON Gifting is a public campaign, you can’t see the list of potential influencers before you open the campaign. But, if you choose a private campaign and demanding to ask for a list, We can provide a list of influencers.

No. However, we learn everything from our previous campaign, 10,000 posts has been generated and it would increase your page performance.

They have various ranges of followers. Most of them are nano & micro influencers with a follower range of 1000 – 50,000. Looking for the influencer with more followers? We also handle macro and mega influencers, simply contact us to discuss more your needs.

We have a draft check system that is handled by our internal team to make sure everything is perfect before the content is distributed on social media.

Yes! We are aware of how TikTok is getting more and more users. For that reason, we provide influencer endorse services on TikTok with certain pricing.

In 1 campaign, usually, there are 600-1,000 influencers who sign up. The longer time campaign registration is open, the more influencers will sign up.


Simply download the LEMON Influencer App available on Playstore for Android users or Appstore for iOS users. Click here for the link

If you have registered, the next step is to complete your personal data such as connecting to one of your social media (Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, etc.). After you have completed the required data, you can directly register for the campaign that is currently open.

If you are selected to join the campaign, LEMON team will contact you as soon as the registration campaign is closed. Make sure to check your email!

Welcome to LEMON and good luck on your creator’s journey!

You can register directly in the campaign that is currently open. Find all available campaigns directly in LEMON App or website

For information about LEMON Influencer, please contact https://lemon .cm/wai

After you register in one of the campaigns, there will be a direct selection process by the brand after the registration date. You will get an email or notification from LEMON if you’re selected to join the campaign a week after the registration date. However, if you haven’t received an email or notification from the LEMON App, it means you haven’t had the opportunity to join the campaign. You can continue to register for other campaigns 😊

Hi, have you tried restarting? Please try to log in and out a couple of times. If it still not working, please send your App screenshot/record together with your details such as your registered email, and Instagram account to [email protected] and our team will help to fix it.

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